Halls Creek District High School LED sign

Halls Creek, Western Australia. The name inspires visions of red cliffs, spinifex plains, Droughtmasters and dry creek beds. If it had to be summed up in one word, it would probably be "remote". In a world now filled with electronic connectivity, however, not even communities like Halls Creek are too remote that a digital sign is out of the question.

This LED sign we recently made for Halls Creek District High School communicates with a web-based software via the extensive and reliable Telstra 3G network, allowing staff to update messages, news and reminders on the bright display from virtually anywhere. All that is needed is a phone laptop or computer.

Danthonia worked with the principal via phone and email to develop a design concept before fabricating the sign in just 3 weeks and shipping it more than 6,000 kilometres to Halls Creek via Sydney and Perth. We provided footing hardware, detailed installation instructions and free phone support for the local tradies who installed the sign. Ongoing support is no issue. We're even able to monitor their sign for potential problems and troubleshoot over the phone - all from nearly 3,000 kilometres away.