St Thomas Anglican Church Auburn sign

Tradition states that 2000 years ago Thomas the Apostle travelled all the way from Jerusalem to India to spread the ‘Good News'. Today a congregation that bears his name at St Thomas Anglican Church in Auburn, (Sydney NSW) includes members not only from India but also China, Sri Lanka, and many other countries of Africa and Europe.

Church members who wanted to encourage this multi-cultural growth approached Danthonia in 2009 to design and create a sign for the front lawn in front of their church entry. They felt a need to become better known in the immediate neighborhood and especially wanted to reach out to the growing Chinese population in their area. The motto on their website says 'Everyone is welcome; there is always room for you'. They wanted a way to communicate messages like this one as well as and service times and other information to local people walking past on their sidewalk as well as those surfing the internet.

Danthonia designed and created a hand craved bi-lingual header panel that we combined with a locking message board. The Colorbond message board with Perspex cover could accommodate large individual magnetic letters or magnetic patches for finer print or Chinese messages.