St Paul of the Cross Church, Dulwich sign

ST PAUL of the Cross is a Catholic parish in Dulwich Hill a suburb in Sydney, Australia. Their existing church sign had deteriorated to a point where it needed replacement. It was a decided by the parish that the time was right to invest in a new design that would be fully handcrafted. The parish priest communicated with our designers and told about the church's patron saint 'St Paul of the Cross'. The focus of this man's life and spirituality was the suffering and passion of Christ as told in the four Gospels. Our artists suggested an image that incorporated a cross icon with a dimensionally sculpted crown of thorns. The parish decision makers found this appropriate and meaningful.

The sign was shaped and colored to complement the striking red brick architecture of the 'inter-war Romanesque' style church building. Main text was carved and gilded to give a classic look and catch the eye of passing drivers as it glinted in the sunlight. Smaller text was flat painted so it could be sanded and repainted should the service times ever need updating. A double-sided design was chosen so the sign could be installed perpendicular to the road - visible and readable to drivers at a greater distance in each direction.

In this case the 'double-sided' signage comprised 2 single sided sign panels mounted back to back on crossbeams between the posts. This keeps the signage supported from behind and prevents warping.