Dental Signs

Dental Signs
  • People are walking into our dental centre on account of our sign. Our Danthonia signs have made the whole place look classy. People who already know us walk in to find out if the centre has changed owners because of how noticeable our new signs are.'

    Dr Graeme Wright
    Mount Eliza Dental Centre

In medieval times, town guilds made signs that were understandable by illiterate peasants. Some of the very first business signs used giant symbols to show what products or services were offered. For example, an apothecary (chemist) might display a sign with a mortar and pestle and a shoemaker might hang up an intricately sculpted boot.

Today, it’s no surprise that many dentists take advantage of this time-tested method of communication. For example, dental practices ask us to hand-carve a 3D tooth with traditional hand tools as part of their signage. An orthodontist will ask us to add braces. We’ve even sculpted a giant toothbrush. After all, a good giggle as your patients walk into your clinic can chase away those unwanted butterflies.

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