Aged Care Signs

Aged Care Signs
  • The sign that Danthonia created for our village presents a very positive image of our organisation. The staff at Danthonia are fantastic. We'll be acquiring more signage from Danthonia for our new aged care facility.'

    John Murray, CEO

High quality signage reflects high quality care, accommodation and retirement living for seniors. Well-designed and crafted signs for retirement living facilities send a message of assurance to families and highly durable signs also avoid recurrent or replacement costs.

Our aged care signs contribute to creating a welcoming, comfortable and domestic ambience. Custom signs around your aged care facility display a homelike environment and can cultivate a sense of familiarity and security for residents. It can even encourage visitors.

Wayfinding signage provides directions between different areas of a village or aged care facility. We often introduce visual cues in sub-unit signage so units are easily identifiable and residents can enjoy the unique aspects of each unit.

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