Business Signs

Business Signs
  • Danthonia does not just produce pretty pictures. Their signs are effective sales tools. I strongly recommend this calibre of signage to other businesses.'

    Eric Bailey, General Manager
    Business Enterprise Centre

Are you planning to embark on your first business venture? Revamping your business’s image? Signage is one of the best ways to market your products and services to customers and prospects every minute of the day (and night).

A good sign can increase your brand’s recognisability, cause prospects to drop into your shop on impulse and get promotions out via LED technology or changeable message boards. On the flip side, a broken, faded or outdated sign is unwelcoming and creates a poor impression.

We create distinctive and exceptionally durable business signs that will set you apart and look great for years. Our sign service covers everything from concept to completion.

Most signs in the Australian climate start looking faded and weather-beaten after three to four years. Because we use highly robust, weather-proof materials, our signs withstand the elements for upwards of 10 years without looking tired and shabby.

Each sign we make is custom designed and produced with handcrafting techniques such as carving and sculpting. Unlike conventional ‘flat’ signs made from aluminium composite material, for example, our HDU signs have sculpted and carved 3D elements. Simply tell us what you want - retro, heritage, avant-garde, or futuristic - we can create something exclusive for you.

You may want to consider our digital message boards for getting ads or messages out to passing traffic. Our outdoor LED signage is an affordable and convenient way of communicating with out-of-home audiences. Our clients tell us that they start seeing the return on their LED sign investment almost straight away.

You don't need to worry about about location, style of sign, size, design or installation. Just contact us. We'll do the rest.